About me

Hello, my name is Sascha Thattil. (I know, most copywriters wouldn’t recommend this intro. But I’m not a copywriter either 🙂 )

About the picture: I am 42 years old at the time of writing this text. I am much younger in this picture. Now I understand the recruiter who said“You look just like your application picture“. What I didn’t understand at the time. But now I understand what she means 🙂

Place of birth: Neustadt an der Weinstraße, Rhineland-Palatinate

I was born in 1981 in Neustadt an der Weinstraße in the beautiful Rhineland-Palatinate. I attended school there until the 4th grade.

School days Einsiedeln, Switzerland

After the 4th grade, the whole family moved to Switzerland. Or rather, to the village of Einsiedeln in the canton of Schwyz. I completed my secondary school (9th grade) there.

School days Thrissur, Kerala, India

After the 9th grade in Switzerland, things continued. My parents decided to go to India. To Thrissur. The town is located in the south of India in the state of Kerala.

There I attended and completed the 12th grade at the so-called Secondary High School.

Internship BASF, Ludwigshafen

After the 12th grade in India, I did an internship at BASF in Ludwigshafen in the chemistry department and also in the IT business administration department.

Studies – 2004 to 2010

Heidelberg – Dortmund – Dundee

I had attended a so-called preparatory college for one year at the University of Heidelberg. You must attend a preparatory college if you have obtained your higher education entrance qualification abroad.

I then started studying business informatics in Dortmund. However, after two years on this course, I switched to business administration.

In addition to my studies in Heidelberg, I also spent a year in Dundee, Scotland, UK.

Employee/ Consultant at SAP – 2010 to 2012

Walldorf, Baden Württemberg, Germany – Regensdorf, Zurich, Switzerland

After graduating, I worked at SAP in Walldorf for two years. From there, I advised IT managers/CIOs of banks and insurance companies in Switzerland on the implementation of SAP ERP solutions in their companies. I was alternately in Walldorf and occasionally with my colleagues in Regensdorf in Switzerland.

(I think I got the job because I had gone to school in Switzerland for a few years and my boss from Germany had met an Indian colleague (apparently from Kerala) in the USA. So much for my theory… 🙂 )

Company foundation – 2012

Heidelberg, Germany – Thrissur, India

My plan when I was at school was to set up a company. However, I was advised to do a degree first.

So I founded the company YUHIRO in 2012. Thanks also go to my start-up consultant 🙂

The initial idea was to offer managed offshore outsourcing. I would basically provide the services of other companies in India, companies in Germany who have not had much exposure to IT outsourcing themselves.

However, I found that there was a lack of transparency in such projects. The costs were also often too high. Because the projects took too long and the quality was not right.

So for a long time I was looking for a collaboration model with customers where we could provide better services. At a high level of quality while keeping costs low.

Conversion to developer provision – 2015

In order to provide a better service, I have decided to move to India. The YUHIRO company now operates entirely from India and serves customers from Germany and other countries (USA, etc.).

We have developed a cooperation model in which we search for developers according to the requirements of the respective customer and hire them in India. The programmer works remotely and exclusively on the customer’s IT projects.

Building development teams for customers from Germany and other countries – 2015 to 2024

Together with my team (I can already call it a team, as there are already several employees helping with the processes), I was able to support several customers from Germany and other countries in setting up development teams in India.

2024 and Beyond

I have a habit of reading books. One book I have read is the book Rework by the Basecamp founders (Basecamp is an online project management tool).

One question the authors ask is “Do you really have to build huge teams?”.

For me personally, the answer is “It doesn’t necessarily have to be a big team”. I am also happy with a smaller company.

The plan is therefore to accept only a certain number of new customers each year, but to offer them a very good service.

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