What does a Laravel developer do?

What does a Laravel developer do? A Laravel developer writes programs with this free PHP web framework under the MVC pattern initiated by Taylor Otwell in 2011. The source code can be downloaded from GitHub. The development of Laravel (abbreviation: LV) followed the intention to create a better alternative to the CodeIgniter framework, because this … Read more

Things I realized on my Goa trip

It’s Christmas and New Year at the end of the year. Then there is usually a little less going on. Because many customers are also on vacation. So it was the best opportunity to go to Goa. I made the decision at relatively short notice. And since I already live in India, in Thrissur and … Read more

Find Indian programmers: here’s how

Find Indian programmers: here’s how Numerous companies in Germany are complaining about a growing shortage of IT specialists. Many open positions for developers of software can no longer be filled. The shortage of highly qualified IT specialists with university degrees is particularly serious. Following the outsourcing of software development that has taken place in large … Read more

Update September 2023

Yes, it’s time to write something again. Here are a few updates. Weight Watchers Health is important. I run every day and I currently follow the Weight Watchers diet. Each meal here has a certain number of points. Or you can calculate it on a wide variety of online calculators. There are also things that … Read more

App development in India: these are the advantages

App development in India: these are the advantages It has of course long been no secret to decision-makers in the IT sector that the Indian market offers a wide range of interesting solutions for project awarding and outsourcing. India positioned itself years ago as one of the most interesting countries for IT development. While outsourcing … Read more

Update August 2023

It’s been some time again since I wrote anything on this blog. Currently here in Kerala, India is the so-called Onam Festival. The story of Maveli is celebrated there. Which visits his kingdom every year. Almost like Santa Claus. Onam has been celebrated for more than 2300 years. The first mention of the festival is … Read more