Why is software development so expensive in Germany?

Why is software development so expensive in Germany? Having software developed in Germany is usually associated with high costs. Why is that? Read more in the article. Introduction There is software in almost all devices these days. Not only on desktop PCs, but also on smartphones, cars, washing machines, watches and many more. Almost everything … Read more

Conclusion 2022

Wow. I just looked. The last post in this blog is dated November 21, 2021. So already more than 1 year ago. Maybe it would be interesting to write a feedback/summary about the year 2022. The C wave is apparently over. Or at least there are other concerns now. E.G. Ukraine, war, oil price and … Read more

What will the next 10 to 20 years look like?

I am currently listening to the audiobook of Bill Gates “The Road Ahead”. There, around the year 1996, he describes what the future will look like. There, he already foresees things like Netflix, streaming, the widespread use of the Internet, smartphones, etc. Actually not even that hard 😊 At that time I was about 15 … Read more

Recommended books (book list)

In the last couple of years I have been able to read some interesting books. Here are some of the most important: Rich Dad, Poor Dad (by Robert Kyosaki) It shows how cash flow works. For example, how to create more money in which to invest. And why consumption may not be the best solution. … Read more

Management Principles

Management Principles Here some management principles I use (not set in stone), which can be helpful. 1) No Meetings Any company should try to reduce meetings to a maximum. Of course there are some meetings which are necessary, for example, finding out the requirement of a solution from the client. But there are many meetings … Read more

Indian programmers: how good are they really?

Indian programmers: how good are they really? Programmers from India are becoming an increasingly important issue. Read more in the article. Introduction Since I hired the first Indian employee in 2012, the view in Germany in particular about offshore outsourcing has changed. Today, quite a few companies in German-speaking countries have development support from other … Read more