Conclusion 2022

Wow. I just looked. The last post in this blog is dated November 21, 2021. So already more than 1 year ago.

Maybe it would be interesting to write a feedback/summary about the year 2022.

The C wave is apparently over. Or at least there are other concerns now. E.G. Ukraine, war, oil price and some more.

Argentina won the World Cup 2022. What a game.

Other notable events? Barely. The year went by quickly. Worrying 🙂

I just finished reading (or rather listening via Audible audiobook) to the book A Million Miles In A Thousand Years by Donald Miller. (Oh yeah, it was on Play Books, not Audible. It’s funny that many of the important books don’t exist on Audible).

In this book he also describes that he had heard somewhere that you only really remember a few things in life. That’s right!

This year 2022 is a good example.


I think this year will most likely remain in my thoughts, possibly only because of the company trip to Munnar. I thought that was pretty unique. Misty mountains, cold and unusual weather for India (but usual for Munnar). A limping jeep trekking tour (I had assumed it would be a simple “drive” from one attraction to the next. Wow, I felt like I was in a washing machine 🙂

Rode NT-USB Mini

I’m looking at my new purchase right now. One Rode NT-USB Mini Microphone. I also have a larger Rode NT Mic. Although this fits on my table in the apartment. But it takes up too much space. The NT-USB Mini doesn’t have the same sound quality, but it’s easy to “put away” the microphone on the table without it taking up too much space.

What else?

Oh yes, I have set up my “own” kitchen. I usually ordered food online every day. Also because here in India it is cheap and also good. However, this is not good for health. My weight can confirm this.

An affordable cook (who actually cleans in the building here), prepares the food. (I order tomatoes, broccoli, etc., etc. online). Since food is cheap in India, the whole thing is cheaper than if I order the food online. I mean food now, plus cook.

Daily running

I also run for an hour every day. And listen to audio books most of the time.

Running is something very natural that we have been doing for thousands of years. Therefore, I personally find that it is very gentle on the body. (Unlike, for example, running or Treadmill, etc. All of which bring some form of pain in the long run in my opinion).

I’ve been running daily for more than 7 months now, I think. And was already able to lose 8 kilos. My values have also improved in other respects.

In addition, a daily walk has a positive effect. 1) You take a shower every day 2) I also use the time in the morning to briefly clean the apartment. 2) Daily showering reduces other problems (which I do not want to list here :p )

Daily running gives a certain structure to the day.

Ok, what else.

Yes, because of the Rode Mic I now also try to record a video every day. For Youtube I mean now.

So from now on I try to write something once a day. Personally, I find that quite exciting.

As an entrepreneur, you are always told “you should work FOR the company, not IN it”. But some things should be done continuously. Even if you get “bigger”. (Good book tip: Rework by the Basecamp founders. In which it is also described why “bigger” does not always have to be “better”).

I think I’ll expand on some of the points from this article with my own blog posts to better address them.

How was your 2022? What are the things you will look back on? Or was 2022 an uneventful year?

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