Update September 2023

Yes, it’s time to write something again. Here are a few updates. Weight Watchers Health is important. I run every day and I currently follow the Weight Watchers diet. Each meal here has a certain number of points. Or you can calculate it on a wide variety of online calculators. There are also things that … Read more

Conclusion 2022

Wow. I just looked. The last post in this blog is dated November 21, 2021. So already more than 1 year ago. Maybe it would be interesting to write a feedback/summary about the year 2022. The C wave is apparently over. Or at least there are other concerns now. E.G. Ukraine, war, oil price and … Read more

Hello world!

Welcome to my blog. The articles here will be partly in English, partly in German. Please subscribe to this blog via RSS: https://www.saschathattil.com/feed/ Sascha ThattilSascha Thattil ist Blogger und Geschäftsführer bei YUHIRO. Wir bauen Entwicklerteams in Indien für Agenturen, IT Dienstleister und Softwareunternehmen auf.