An overview of the best WordPress agencies

An overview of the best WordPress agencies

Some time ago I wrote about the best WordPress service providers.

Why WordPress (here also WP for short)?

WP has many advantages.

  • Many free plugins: Some of these plugins have a lot to offer. Be it security, SEO, contact forms, everything can be added with a few clicks.
  • Themes: There are also many themes. For these you have to pay a little. About 50 to 70 euros (one time). But then you are given tools with which you can build convincing online presences.
  • Easy plugin development: You can also program your own plugins. You can write simple extensions yourself. If you need more complex implementations, then you should rely on professional help. Like for example on WP agencies.

Almost everyone uses it

Be it bloggers, small business owners or mid-sized companies. Almost everyone uses this content management system (CMS) for the implementation of websites and portals.


If you need very secure sites, then you might want to go for CMS like TYPO3 or Drupal. These usually also bring their own enterprise functionalities, which are needed in larger companies.

However, with security plugins like iThemes Security, you can fend off most of the attacks on your WP site.

What companies are there in this field?

The link mentioned at the beginning lists the best companies in this field.

Especially Grazioli, Wolkenhart and the KREATIVDENKER do a really good job.

However, the whole list can be found in the article.

Which areas are particularly important?

Particularly important are the areas:

  • Design: Here you need skills in HTML, CSS, Photoshop, JavaScript to design suitable frontends and make them interactive.
  • Backend: You also need WordPress developers who can program the backend functionalities. Especially things like product configurators can be interesting.
  • Online Marketing: It is always good to know about search engine optimization, search engine advertising and the like, so as to gain more attention for the website.
  • API development: If you want to connect external systems to WP, you need to have the appropriate skills in API/interface development.
  • UI/ UX/ Usability: These are also topics that are important nowadays. Closely related to this is also the so-called conversion rate optimization.


Alternatives are the following technologies:

  • TYPO3: Especially medium-sized companies in German-speaking countries use it
  • Drupal: This is used particularly internationally. Here, too, more in the midmarket
  • eZ: This CMS is used among others in large corporations

Generalist or rather specialist?

Agencies that specialize in WordPress can be the right choice. In some cases, however, it also makes sense to rely on generals.

For example, it can not hurt if the company has a focus also on the field of search engine marketing or programming PHP solutions. These can be complementary. Because not only the creation of the website is important. Marketing and enhancements to functionality also play a role.


WP is used by more and more companies. In almost every web project that is not necessarily very large, this technology is used.

Be it for freelancers or smaller entrepreneurs or even for medium-sized companies. For each it has its applications.

Looking forward to your feedback on this tool.

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