Found early or found late? That is the question here

Touch points with entrepreneurship

It was 2002 and our own office building called Thattil Nadakalan Shopping Complex was opened. Including car parking, conference hall (Indian name: Kalyana Mandapam) and more than two dozen offices.

The whole family was in great doubt. Only my mother, the initiator, was more than confident. It would all work out.

The investment for this office complex was not small.

In the end, however, it became clear that it would be a success.

Today, almost 20 years later, the office building is doing very well.


Visit of the international preparatory course at the University of Heidelberg

However, already at that time, around 2002, I made the decision to build up something of my own, in the form of a company.

However, I was advised to study first, then you could always do it afterwards.

From 2002 to 2010 I was then quasi in the study 😊 A long time 😊 A great time.

Studied business administration in Dortmund

I then graduated with a degree in business administration. The thesis was on “Entrepreneurship among Scottish students” or something like that.

Working life

My dream, or rather my parents’ dream, was always that I would study and then work in some big company in Germany.

I then accepted a position at SAP in Walldorf. Honestly, a dream job.

Career start at one of the largest manufacturers of software

Because: I could live in Heidelberg (my dream city 😊) and work in my dream company (SAP). Moreover, it was a job that also had a lot to do with Switzerland (I went to school there).

Work with strong reference to Switzerland

I then pursued this work until 2012.

Initial start as an entrepreneur

However, it was clear to me that I should start something of my own.

I then took advantage of the consulting grant in Baden Württemberg. Of 5000 euros, 4000 euros are then taken over by the state, for the start-up consultation.

Advice from the Baden Württemberg Business Start-Up Promotion Agency

The consultation was very good.

Initially, the idea was to take over an Internet café in Heidelberg.

However, after a few conversations with the consultant, it became apparent that this may not be such a good investment.

After that came other ideas, such as a recruitment consultancy for Indian students who wanted to enter the job market. Even that was not a real success.

To India for family and business reasons

For family and business reasons, I then went to India in 2012.

Offshore outsourcing is a big issue there.

Start with software development services

Soon I started accepting projects for web development and app development from Germany, and having them developed in India.

Over the years, however, I realized that to be successful with it, you have to specialize in one area.

Then around the year 2014 to 2015 there was a specialization in providing software developers from India.

YUHIRO – Developer Deployment e.g. for PHP or ASP.NET

Back to the topic: Founding early or late?

In my opinion, everyone has his “own clock”. The founder of Mc Donalds was about 50 years old when he founded the company. Mark Zuckerberg must have been around 24 when it was founded.

However, there is one thing I find important: Why should you want to “succeed in business” from the start? Doesn’t it make sense to spend the first few years at a UAS or university learning and partying and meeting people?

What is your opinion on the subject?

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